About Us

All there is to know about our Party Slime

Our Party Slime is 100% food grade. Although it is not intended for eating, it is non-toxic and not dangerous when swallowed. Which makes it all the more safer for dunking, and getting it all over and onto your face. It is also Halaal.


The Party Slime is Extremely slippery, which makes it super fun and perfect for slippery slides, sliding on grass, falling around in small pools filled with slime and any other creative way


It is non-staining and washes out of clothes with soap and water, and can be rinsed off in a pool without causing any negative effects on the condition of the pool


When this product dries it turns into a powder form. This makes it easy to clean off of unwanted surfaces. While still in its slimy form, you can also spray it off with water or even brush it off with a broom.


The Party Slime is sold in Buckets of 20l .The buckets make it super easy to fill up your weapons of slime destructions, as well as pouring it into the pools or even dunking it over someones head.


Our Party Slime is intended for ages 4+. This most definitely includes adults too. We have observed that no matter what the age, there are tons of fun to be experienced.